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Websites that have reviews for home builders are Houzz and ConsumerAffairs. Information whether the particular home builder is a National Association of Home Builders member and provides energy-saving features are given together with the reviews for each home builder on ConsumerAffairs.


You can view information on many subsurface home builders by going to SubsurfaceBuildings.com and clicking on the Links tab on the left side of the page. This page provides links to 20 subsurface home builders' websites, along with some information about them.


Secret Builders offers a variety of games but consists mostly of games that are based on characters from books that have been published. A few of these games include Dr. Jekyll and Wizard of Oz, and are available online and on mobile platforms.


Expert engine builders have the ability, through advanced training and testing methods, to identify "bottlenecks" in an engine's power capabilities that casual vehicle enthusiasts can rarely identify. Though their services are expensive, engine specialists have the knowledge and tools needed to ensu


To find a local pond builder, seek out a certified aquascape contractor or similar professional by conducting a search through your local landscape contractors. You can find contractors in your local phone book or through an Internet search.


Good math skill builders are available online at MathSkillBuilder.org, Internet4Classrooms.com and Arcademics.com. MathSkillBuilder.org features free math skill builders that include memorizing multiplication tables, addition and subtraction practice, multiplication and division practice and mixed f


Optimal Resume, a part of a suite of career development products commonly offered through schools and organizations, has a resume builder geared toward specific job positions and experience levels, notes the Optimal Resume website. In addition to building a typical resume document, users can also cr


Find thesis builders at TomMarch.com and JohnMcGarvey.com, as of 2015. The builders make use of user input to write thesis statements. Both thesis builders are free to use, although Tom March accepts donations as well.


A builder's warranty commonly includes windows, plumbing and heating. It includes air conditioning and electrical systems as well. The warranty also defines who must make repairs and how they must be handled.


The Moundbuilder people built mound complexes, cultivated domesticated plants, constructed pottery and ritually buried their dead. Archaeologists have discovered valuable objects from vast distances left within the mounds as offerings to the recently deceased.