To delete cookies from your browser, go to Settings, and click on Content Settings under the Privacy tab. Click the All Cookies and Site Data button, and then click Remove All to delete the cookies. More »

Cookies in a Web browser are enabled by accessing the Options menu and the Privacy settings of the browser. Cookies, or small data files that track website activity, can be enabled or disabled from this menu. Enabling co... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To delete cookies from your Web browser, open your browser, press Control+Shift+Delete, or Shift+Command+Delete on a Mac, and select the options for deleting cookies for your desired time frame. This shortcut works for m... More »

To delete your LinkedIn account, hover your cursor over your profile picture, select Privacy and Settings from the menu options, click the account tab on the left, find the Helpful Links section on the left and select Cl... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Delete cookies in the Safari Web browser using the Privacy settings in the Preferences menu. The Privacy settings provide options for managing and deleting all or individual cookies. You only need Safari 5 or later on a ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer, open Tools, click Internet Options, go to Privacy, enter the address of the website, then click Allow. This process takes less than two minutes. More » Technology Internet & Networking

To check your Internet browser history in Internet Explorer 11, open the browser, click on the Favorites button in the upper right corner and select the History tab. To do the same thing in Google Chrome, open the Settin... More »