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Enter the name of a person or business on WhitePages.com and AnyWho.com to find the phone number, as of 2015. Both websites along with ReversePhoneLookup.com also feature reverse lookup tools to find the name of a person or business with a given phone number.


The easiest way to search for phone numbers is online, using social media websites, search engines like Google or public-information engines like Zabasearch. Business phone numbers are the easiest options because businesses want to be accessible to their customers and g...


Two free directory assistance numbers that can be accessed by cell phone users as of 2014 include 1-800-FREE-411 and 1-800-373-3411. When dialing these numbers, users must listen to short advertisements in exchange for free information. These services are free for cell ...


Do a free phone search with a name by using the search tools on AnyWho.com, WhitePages.com and 411.com. All three websites allow visitors to find the phone number of a person or business by simply entering a name and location. These websites also allow visitors to do a ...


Callers use free phone numbers for a variety of purposes, including as replacements for an existing phone number, an alternate contact number, as a means of maintaining a number in a different area code or as a way to screen calls. It is also possible to use a free phon...


In general, phone numbers are not free. Phone numbers are controlled by various phone companies. To have a phone number assigned to you, someone must pay for phone service. To call any phone number, an active phone service must be in use.


A person can search for home phone numbers by entering the name, the city and the state of the account holder into search tools offered on websites such as 411.com and White Pages. Click Enter, and possible matches are displayed.