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Developing the skills to express and understand spatial skills are the first step in understanding spatial ability and awareness such as math skills, visual perceptual skills, and body awareness. Here are 5 activities to help encourage the development of spatial awareness: 1.


Spatial awareness is the knowledge and understanding of the position of objects including the self in space in relation to other objects. Having a fully developed spatial ability is essential for academic success in areas such as reading, writing, and math. The following article offers some ideas for spatial toddler activities that help parents and teachers promote the development of spatial ...


Activities to improve spatial awareness. Peter Grant Updated March 27, 2017 . Spatial awareness is the ability to visualise patterns of space, such as depth and distance, and the associated ability to mentally relate these spatial patterns to a sequential order of time. If you have suffered a stroke or serious head trauma, you may temporary ...


4. Play video games. Not everyone is fond of staring at a screen with a controller for continuous hours, but the fact is, video games help to develop psycho motor skills and spatial awareness. This is because video games make you interact with spatial elements, interacting with maps, visual engagement and physical coordination.


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So if you start a program of spatial skills training, don’t be discouraged if kids don't show improvements right away. It may take 6 sessions or more before you notice a difference. More reading. For a quick overview of the evidence that we can improve spatial skills with training, see my article, "Spatial intelligence: Why training matters."


Spatial skills tend to develop naturally as children grow yet we can still do plenty to support and enhance the development of strong spatial awareness. Whether you’re raising a future engineer, scientist, mathematician, artist, or just want your child to become a good navigator, below is a short list of ideas for strengthening your child’s ...


Teaching your students about spatial awareness and incorporating movement activities in your program can help to enhance other skills in children. It is a great tool in developing social skills which can help students in playing games. I hope you are able to use some of these ideas in your lessons. Do you use movement activities with your students?


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