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Some fun activities that families can do at home are have a costume night, have an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt, do a puzzle, plant some seedlings, make a time capsule, play board games, have a movie night and work on a family scrapbook. The websites Parents, Today's Parent and Family Education


Activities to do with 4-year-olds include reading books, playing imaginative or active games, and performing simple arts and crafts, suggests JumpStart. By age four, children can often run and walk ably, communicate well, and use some fine motor skills.


To activate call forwarding on a landline phone, sign up to include call forwarding in the phone plan, dial an activation code and input the phone number for forwarding. If there is no answer from the forwarded number, repeat the input process.


To activate a cell phone with a SIM card, remove the current SIM card from the device, and replace it with a different one provided by the phone carrier. Call the carrier's customer service number using the actual phone, and request a new line of service.


Suitable activities for seniors in nursing homes include crafts, visits from volunteers with animals, puzzles, and a variety of board games, card games and mind games. Playing with or petting an animal ranks as one of the most popular and soothing activities for seniors.


Creative activities for nursing home residents include arts and crafts, storytelling, making music, baking and gardening. Adaptations to the activities and working in groups enables residents with physical or mental limitations to actively participate in them.


Activate an AchieveCard prepaid Visa debit card by calling 800-401-7935. Card holders may also activate their cards online by visiting the website, clicking the Activate Now link and then entering the 16-digit number on the front of their cards.


An iPhone can be activated by turning on the device and following the on-screen instructions, or by connecting the device to iTunes and completing the setup guide. Activating an iPhone without iTunes requires access to a Wi-Fi network and activating with iTunes requires the latest version of the sof


Good ideas for activities to do with seniors include both outdoor exercise, such as walking for fitness, and indoor fun, such as playing a board game. The value of many activities is determined by the senior citizen's mental and physical condition.


Customers can activate their Lowe's cards online at the company's website, according to Guidance Box. All you need for activation is the Lowe's card and a computer that has access to the Internet.