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This is a list of intentional communities.For directories, see external links below.


intro: If you thought communes had gone the way of the tie dye shirt, think again. New, non-hippy ones are springing up. The oldest, The Farm—still hippyish and still going strong--is the ...


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This unregulated California commune is widely known as “the last free place in America” (Photos) The Plaid Zebra February 1, 2015. 4 . 0 Shares 0 0 0 0. BY: TED BARNABY. Welcome to Slab City, widely known as “the last free place in America.” ...


Active adult communities are designed to create an environment where residents are encouraged to enjoy social activities, clubs, and special interest groups. The team at 55places has compiled a list of the most active retirement communities in America.


There are over 2,000 documented active communes in the United States. Communal groups dedicated to causes ranging from feminism to Buddhism to white racism to attending concerts by "hippie bands" were functioning in every state.


From a farm commune in Missouri to an artists colony in Mississippi, here's the most hippie town in every state. ... the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea is the most far-out place in America’s last ...


A community based on Owenism and anarchism. Maintained close contact with the Kristeen and Grand Prairie Communities. Kristeen Community Indiana Charles Mowland: 1845 1847 Founded by Charles Mowland and others who had been previously been associated with the Prairie Home Community. A Society for Universal Inquiry and Reform community.


The communities were originally started purely as Jewish farming ventures, but by the ‘30s many had taken on a socialist philosophy, and some of the kibbutzim with more utopian goals began to allow people of all religions to join. Community Philosophy: A key philosophy of these kibbutzim was a devotion to equality.


Adder, a pale young man with long blond hair, meets me in the garden. He is the designated host for my visit to Twin Oaks. He apologizes for having childcare responsibilities tonight, but promises ...