Actions of the gastrocnemius muscle include pulling the heel up and extending the foot downward. It also provides the force necessary for running and jumping. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

The gastrocnemious, hamstrings, iliopsoas, quadriceps and gluteal muscles are all used to generate the kicking motion. There are two distinct phases to the kicking action, the preparatory and the actual kicking phase. On... More »

Because playing football requires a variety of movements, including running forward and backward, twisting, raising and lower the arms, grasping and pushing, all of the major muscle groups are used. The major muscle grou... More »

The main purpose of the gastrocnemius muscle is to facilitate leg movements, such as jumping, walking, running and knee bending. The gastrocnemius muscle pushes the leg down during these types activities. The location of... More »

Muscles that cause two bones on two different sides of the joint to close, resembling a bending action, are called flexor muscles. However, each muscle has the ability only to pull, not to push, so muscles need to work i... More »

The hip adductor muscles allow humans to draw their legs to the mid-line of the body, an action which is aptly named adduction. Other movements the hip adductors enable include transverse adduction, flexion, extension, a... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

The major contour muscles in the human body are the trapezius muscle, infraspinatus muscle, deltoid muscle, teres major, teres minir, triceps, latissimus, Sartorius, Gluteous medius and major, quadriceps, biceps femoris,... More »