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Acid lava comes from composite cone volcanoes, is slow moving and viscous. Basic lava comes from shield volcanoes, is runny and flows faster. Acidic lava is felsic, or high in quartz and potassium ...


Felsic magma or lava is higher in viscosity than mafic magma/lava. ... In modern usage, the term acid rock, although sometimes used as a synonym, normally now refers specifically to a high-silica-content (greater than 63% SiO 2 by weight) volcanic rock, such as rhyolite. Older, broader usage is now considered archaic.


Dome volcano/acidic lava dome/silicic lava dome - Volcanic domes are rounded, steep-sided mounds built by very viscous magma. The height of these volcanoes is greater than the width of the base. The volcano is now built by further addition of lava from the inside and the earlier form layers (top layers ) are heaved up.


Acid lava synonyms, Acid lava pronunciation, Acid lava translation, English dictionary definition of Acid lava. adj. Relating to or containing a group of light-colored silicate minerals that occur in igneous rocks, including minerals of the feldspathoid group and the...


ACID LAVA ACID LAVA – is sticky or viscous rich in silica. Due to viscousity they move slowly and quickly solidifies and form a steep cone. It often have violent explosion. ACID LAVA VOLCANO


Volcano Eruption – Lava Flow – Lava Lake – Lava Falls – Acidic Volcano - Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia


Fake acid is found in Brinstar and Kraid's Lair, where acid is a common hazard, while fake lava is found in Norfair and Ridley's Lair, where lava is a major threat. Both substances have only been observed on Zebes .


Types of Lava : basic lava & Acidic lava Short cut to IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS/UPSC : Civil Service Lectures ... 7 15 13 Lava Flow Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow GoPro Hero 2 - Duration: ...


Best Answer: lava doesn't melt everything, only things with a lower melting point than lava, and many of those things will burn instead of melt Acids can corrode many materials, but only a certain amount, until all the hydrogen ions in the acid bond with something If you mix the two the water in the acid ...


Acid Lava Dome is a type of volcano that forms when viscous acid lava solidifies quickly to form a volcano with steep convex sides. Read More