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Two-Stroke Diesel Engine. The engineers and scientists started Achates Power in 2004 with the audacious idea that innovation and modern technology could transform the proven and record-setting two-stroke opposed-piston engines of the past into the clean and efficient engines of the future.


Achates Power is an American developer of opposed-piston, two-stroke, compression ignition engines for use in commercial and passenger vehicles. Based in San Diego, California, the company was founded in 2004 by James Lemke.. According to Achates Power, its opposed-piston, two-stroke engine has demonstrated an increase in fuel efficiency and similar engine-out emissions levels when compared to ...


Achates: Opposed-Piston Engine Makers Tooling Up . Inexpensive to manufacture, compatible with all fuels, cleaner burning and up to 50% more fuel efficient, the opposed-piston engine is finding ...


Opposed-Piston Throughout the 20th century, when the utmost fuel, weight and volume efficiencies were required to propel aircraft, ships and vehicles, an unconventional type of compression ignition engine was used: opposed-piston engines(1).


The Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine. Increased fuel efficiency, cost effective with inherently low emissions. A Fundamentally Better Engine.


Achates is also working with Cummins to develop a 1000-hp opposed-piston engine to power combat vehicles for the U.S. Army. Fromm says that the company is in talks with several major automakers ...


Check out one of the first drives of the 2.7L OP Engine Demonstration truck. This is the diesel version of this engine, our OP GCI will be installed later. The 2.7L OP Diesel Engine in a light ...


Engine maker gets $2M federal grant to work with UM, Nissan on improving hybrid car efficiency – MLive March 7, 2019, MLive. ARPA-E awards $2M to Achates Power for opposed-piston engine for hybrids; U Mich, Nissan partners – Green Car Congress March 6, 2019, Green Car Congress