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There are many online resources for translating French into English, including Google Translate, Babylon and Systran, as well as translation services that charge for a personalized, human translation. While the technology surrounding online translation has improved, a professionally translated docum


The website Namepedia.org allows users to enter any first name and find translations of it into a wide variety of foreign languages. The website automatically finds the origin of a given name and translates it to whichever language the user selects.


The best way to translate sentences in Latin to English accurately is using an online translator, such as Eprevodilac.com or Stars21.com. Running the same text through two or three different platforms improves accuracy greatly. Translating the end result back into the root language is another way to


The most effective way to get French translation services is to use the Internet to contact a professional service. There are many online French translation services including ClickForTranslation.com, FreeTranslation.com and Transperfect.com.


Translate English words to Hawaiian using online translators available on En.Glosbe.com, HawaiianDictionary.HiSurf.com and HawaiiDrive-O.com. AlohaFriends.com provides lists of words and phrases translated from Hawaiian to English that are organized in categories such as popular phrases, days of the


Translate.Google.com freely provides English to Spanish translation using voice or text input. Other free translation options include SpanishDict.com and Translate.Reference.com, which offer text input only. One free option on mobile devices is the Spanish English Translator app.


As of April 2015, there are multiple online resources that offer English to Spanish, as well as Spanish to English translation services. Some useful resources include Google Translate, FreeTranslation.com and SpanishDict.com.


Several free Spanish-to-English translators are available online and as apps for mobile devices, including Google Translate, Babylon.com and iTranslate. All three resources translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish and support many other languages as well.


When translating from different languages, there is always the possibility that words will be lost during the translation process. Google is not an exception to this.


Google Translate and Bing Translator are two of the most popular translation websites; both allow you to translate English into various languages. Other online translation services include Linguee and WordLens.