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In the United States federal government, the Cabinet refers to a group of 15 executives; these executives serve as heads of their respective agencies, and advise the President on relevant matters. Over time, Cabinet members change, although the Cabinet composition remains the same. The Cabinet inclu


The simplest method for creating an accent over text on a Mac involves pressing down the letter key on the keyboard. Simply wait for a small menu with accent choices to appear. This method works for any text editor or word processor on a Mac.


Creating accent marks on a keyboard of a Windows computer requires pressing a combination of function keys in conjunction with the letters. The particular process depends on the computer’s operating system.


As of 2015, a popular living room design idea is painting the room a muted red color and using neutral colors for furniture and decor, such as grey or black. Another option is mixing various patterns by using complementary colors and other solid pieces to make the room visually appealing.


Homedit.com offers ideas on how to arrange the furniture in small living rooms. Wayfair.com and Forbes.com also have tips on decorating and furnishing small living rooms.


A water heater cabinet is an enclosed space containing a property's water heater. The cabinet allows ample space around the heater and has a large opening giving easy access for repairs and maintenance.


Refurbish a wood laundry room cabinet by applying wood filler to cracks, sanding the cabinet, priming the wood, and then applying paint or stain to the cabinet. Refurbish a metal laundry room cabinet by stripping off the old finish, sanding the cabinet, and then staining or painting it. Change out t


The New Zealand accent is often described as similar to Australian and South African English. The sound of an accent is perceived differently depending on the linguistic background of the listener. Most dialects of English tend to differ most in their pronunciation of vowels and diphthongs, which ar


One basic design strategy for setting up a living room is to arrange furniture pieces around a focal point, such as a fireplace, a large painting or an accent wall. This focal design element acts as an anchor to give the room a unified, grounded look. From that point, chairs and couches should be pl


Healthy recipes that use Accent seasoning include pork chop and pear casserole and grilled orange chicken. Accent seasoning is a food flavor enhancer that contains 100 percent monosodium glutamate.