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Acceleration refers to the change in velocity of a moving object within a certain period of time, either to a slower or faster pace, while deceleration exclusively refers to the negative acceleration (or slowing down) of an object. In layman's terms, acceleration usuall...


Deceleration is synonymous with slowing down or is related to the relative directions of velocity and acceleration. The meaning of the word in common language differs from its meaning in physics.


A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, is a type of injury that occurs when an external force causes internal damage to the brain, according to Wikipedia. It is also known as an intra-cranial injury.


Treatments for traumatic brain injury include taking certain medications, rehabilitation and surgery, states Mayo Clinic. A person with severe brain injury requires immediate hospitalization to supply the brain with blood and prevent additional damage to the head. Mild ...


Rate of deceleration is expressed as negative acceleration. The negative sign indicates that deceleration takes place in the opposite direction as acceleration. Both are as expressed in standard units m/s^2.


There is no such thing as a formula for deceleration; there is only a formula for acceleration. To find the acceleration, subtract the initial velocity from the final velocity and divide that sum by the time taken. If that formula yields a negative answer, it indicates ...


A deceleration lane is a traffic lane on an expressway that gives a driver a brief opportunity to slow his vehicle prior to reaching an exit ramp. These lanes are important, as they allow drivers to prepare for slower city driving after high-speed highway driving.