To log into Renaissance Place's Accelerated Reader, students, teachers and administrators first navigate to the Renaissance Place log-in screen and click on a role. They then enter their user names and passwords and clic... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Teachers are allowed to view the answers to teacher-created assessments in Accelerated Reader. It is impossible to view answers to other test types because the questions are randomly picked based on each student's skill ... More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

Sign up children for an Accelerated Reader test at their school. Once involved in the Accelerated Reader test, children will use computer-based tools to track their reading comprehension. Quizzes and tests are issued thr... More » Education K-12

Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader Program is a computer program that enables teachers and parents to closely monitor children's independent reading practice. Through the use of this system, adults can more effect... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Renaissance Learning offers educators the software their students need to take Accelerated Reader quizzes. Tests are administered on-site at a school campus; they cannot be taken from home. More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

My Big Campus is a learning management system for teachers, students, parents and school administrators. It offers unique benefits for each type of user. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Connexus Academy offers online learning tools for students, teachers, parents and administrators. The Connexus platform provides daily and monthly schedules, assignments, lessons and grade books, all accessible online th... More » Technology Internet & Networking