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The average cost of having a new air conditioner installed is around $5,000, according to HomeAdvisor, as of October 2015. The cost of having an old air conditioning unit replaced can range from $1,700 to $10,000. The cost to have an air unit repaired is significantly cheaper, averaging around $300.


A replacement cost estimator is a tool used to estimate the cost of replacing a home, according to HomeInsuranceQuotesHomeowners.com. In a situation in which damage to a home is considered a total loss, this tool estimates the cost for rebuilding it.


On RepairClinic.com, parts for a Carrier air conditioning unit range in price from less than $10 to over $1,700, depending on the part in question. Replacement Carrier air conditioning parts from USAirConditioning.com range from less than $1 to over $1,200, as of 2015.


To replace an air conditioner filter, remove the filter, determine what type of replacement filter is necessary and slide it into place. The filters in window units should be replaced yearly and cleaned once per month.


To replace an AC valve, detach air conditioning lines, pry out the glove box, remove the bold, pry off the airbag, open the evaporator to access the valve, and replace the valve with a new one. You need a replacement air conditioner valve and various wrenches to complete the process.


You can get replacement AC power cords by contacting the device or appliance's authorized service center and asking if they carry replacement power cords for your device's specific brand or model. Most hardware and home-improvement retailers also sell AC power cords that match the wattage, voltage a


Drivers can get an estimate for a car window repair by contacting their local auto window repair company and asking for one. Some common factors that determine the final cost of the repair include the size of the window and its placement.


Replace an AC clutch by removing the serpentine belt and the air conditioner belt, unplugging the electrical harness from the compressor, removing the clutch, changing the pulley, and installing the new clutch. The only tools required are a feeler gauge, snap-ring pliers and a standard set of metric


The most accurate way to estimate the cost to build a new home is to consult a local contractor and obtain estimates. A number of factors must be taken into consideration when estimating the cost of a new home, including location, area fees, size, floor plan, layout, building products, quality, fini


To estimate the cost of installing house siding, some factors to consider are the type and quality of the siding material, the home's size and shape, the home location, labor costs and whether the old siding needs to be removed. Some different types of siding material are vinyl, wood, stone, aluminu