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All motors, including alternating current (AC) fan motors, have bearings fitted between the armature and the motor housing. The bearings allow the armature to rotate freely without causing friction. There are usually two bearings on the front of the motor and two bearings on the rear.


OEM replacement motors are used to replace worn-out or damaged HVAC motors in equipment such as ventilators, fans, and blowers to extend the life of the equipment. These electric motors are designed to match the equipment's existing motor from the original manufacturer, which helps ensure consistent performance and eases installation.


To replace electric motor bearings, begin by disconnecting the motor from power supply. Find and remove the screws that join the two halves of the casing using a wrench. Separate the two motor casing halves using a flat head screwdriver, and remove the armature. Pry out the bearings using a flat head screwdriver.


3 HP 3 Phase motor gets new bearings. 3 HP 3 Phase motor gets new bearings. Skip navigation Sign in. ... Three Phase Motor Bearing Replacement - Duration: 34:24. Keith Rucker ...


Mount the motor on a foundation sufficiently rigid to prevent excessive vibration. Roller bearing and ball-bearing motors may be mounted with the shaft at any angle. Roller bearing motors are not suitable for coupled duty applications. After carefully aligning the motor with the driven unit, bolt securely in place.


Lubrication Of Electric Motor Bearings. Marilyn | March 1, 2008. ... Types of grease in motor bearings ... depending on application requirements. As a result, the replacement bearings you buy from your local bearing supplier might not contain grease that is compatible with what you use in your plant. So, be careful. Lubrication intervals


How to Troubleshoot & Repair AC Motors By James Stevens. SAVE; AC motors are generally reliable and last a long time before needing to be replaced. The only user-serviceable parts on an AC motor are the brushes and the bearings; if the internal windings burn out, your AC motor needs to be checked out professionally. ... Replace AC Motor ...


Caution: If a Motor Insulation test (High Potential Insulation test) must be performed, disconnect the motor from any Speed Control or drive to avoid damage to connected equipment. Caution: Sleeve bearing motors are shipped without oil. To avoid motor damage, do not rotate the shaft until you


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LEESON Electric Motor Premium double shielded and double sealed motor bearings. Important: When ordering LEESON internal and external repair parts, it is highly recommended that you confirm the part number correctness.Electric Motor Wholesale does not accept returns on LEESON AC Motor replacement parts.