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A useful tip for window air conditioner repair is to diagnose the problem and know the cause before fixing it. Another important tip is for home owners to read the air conditioner's manual to ensure they have the right tools and skills for the job.


Keeping the outside units of air conditioners clean from dust, debris and leaves helps the system to operate with greater efficiency. Trimming landscaping to allow proper airflow helps to prevent future problems.


When choosing a central air condition unit, it is important to consider size, cost and type of unit. The choice of size is particularly important, as an improperly sized unit can result in severe loss of energy efficiency and other problems.


One of the biggest differences between a heat pump and an AC unit is that the heat pump provides heat and cool air and the AC unit can only cool.Though the two units look similar in design they operate differently.


Carrier manufactures 13 different models of split system air conditioner units as of 2015. Carrier offers three different air conditioner product lines: the Infinity, Performance and Comfort Series.


As of 2015, the Department of Energy certifies 22 models of air conditioners with outputs less than 6,000 Btus as energy-efficient appliances through its Energy Star program. These units must have a minimum energy efficiency ratio of 10.0 or better to qualify for Energy Star certification.


A low-profile air conditioner is designed to take less space in the window in which it is mounted. This type of design allows better visibility through the window and lets more sunlight into the room.


The advantages of a combined air conditioning and heating unit include efficiency and increased cost-effectiveness. Additionally, these systems typically last for many years when properly maintained.


In most cases, an air conditioner freezes because the refrigerant expands more than it should or because the air conditioner can't draw enough warm air from the structure it's cooling. There are a number of causes of both of these problems.


Popular Samsung AC units as of 2016 include the Triangle Inverter Split AC with Faster Cooling and the New Boracay Split AC with Digital Inverter Technology. Additionally, the NEO Inverter Split AC with Multijet Plus Technology and the Triangle Inverter Split AC with Digital Inverter Compressor are