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The Best Way to Joint PVC and ABS Plastic Pipe. If you’re plumbing in a new drain or vent and have to join two different kinds of plastic pipe, black ABS and white PVC, don’t assume that you can simply glue them together.


Specific cements for ABS or PVC components should be used (see ). That spells it out pretty clearly, yes? ABS to PVC cement is only meant to connect an ABS system to a PVC system. An example of this would be an ABS drain system inside of a home connecting to a PVC drain system just outside the building, or vice-versa.


Watch how easy it is to glue PVC and ABS plastic pipes together. Just make sure you clean all the pipes and fittings. http://www.askmediy.com


Solvent Cement For Plastic Pipes. Here is my solvent cement primer, pun intended. Modern plumbing pipe, especially drain pipe, is almost all plastic. Most of the plastics involved must be joined with glue, solvent-cement. This makes knowledge of the plastics and the solvent-cement for each important.


How to join ABS to PVC pipe using Green Transition Cement.


How to make leak-proof connections fast, whether you're using PVC, ABS or CPVC. Plus, common mistakes to avoid and how to fix them. Get clean, square cuts with a fine-tooth saw and a homemade guide. Square pipe ends fit snugly into the fittings, allowing plenty of contact area for the solvent cement ...


PVC Glue. I hate to be negative but, back in the late 60s or early 70s we used to glue everthing together regardless of the pipe or glue, then out came a ban on glueing pvc or abs with the wrong glue, they also prohibited the use of universal glue, the reason was that the joints could fail in time, a lot of areas still have that ban if effect.


PVC cement or solvent is a glue or adhesive-like substance that is designed to join two or several PVC pieces together. It contains a special matter (organic solvent) such as methyl ethyl keton that dissolves the top layer of plastics, eliminating grease, oil and inks, melts PVC edges, ensuring reliable adhesion.


Oatley products are great for joining ABS and PVC piping. I picked up the 16 OZ. ABS TRANSITION CEMENT for joining some water pipes for our relocation project of an existing irrigation system. Our system had ABS coming out of the main and pvc running to all of the sprinkler heads.


Enjoy the Oatey 8 oz. Black ABS Cement 308890, ABS pipe cement medium-bodied cement that bonds ABS pipe with fittings for non-pressure applications at The Home Depot