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Plant Description. Bright, golden yellow variegation on medium green leaves along with brilliant red stems creates a striking kaleidoscope of color. A low, compact selection that works well as a foundation plant, low hedge, or for use in patio containers. Plant en masse as a groundcover or for dramatic year-round color. Evergreen.


‘Kaleidoscope’ Abelia. Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP16988. Looking for a dwarf, easy care evergreen shrub that flowers and provides year long color? Kaleidoscope is as versatile as it is colorful, with chameleon-like foliage that changes with the seasons, from golden yellow in spring to orange-red in fall. ... Planting Instructions ...


Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ performs best in the landscape under full sun to partial shade. These conditions promote the best color and fullness. Occasionally, this plant may produce water shoots that should be immediately pruned out. To maintain a well-shaped plant, one may trim ‘Kaleidoscope’ basically anytime from spring to late summer.


Gardeners tend to think of planting summer-blooming plants in the spring, but some shrubs known for their summer colors actually establish just as well, if not more easily, in the fall. The new abelia, ‘Kaleidoscope’, is a great choice to plant this fall. This new abelia variety boasts a long bloom season, as well as bright, colorful foliage in the fall as temperatures get cooler.


- This abelia is noted for its attractive variegated foliage. It works well in a mass planting where a low, compact shrub is needed. Flowering occurs over an e


Abelia shrubs are one of those old fashioned plants that became popular because of interesting foliage, showy flowers, reliable performance and simple abelia care. Learn how to grow abelia in your landscape for these characteristics. Newer cultivars of the glossy abelia plant provide a range of ...


How to Care for Kaleidoscope Abelia By Judy ... In much of its growing range, "Kaleidoscope" retains its color through winter. Watering "Kaleidoscope" "Kaleidoscope" retains its brilliant variegation through the hottest summer in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 though 10. Even so, it won't survive indefinitely without a ...


Abelia growing in pots appreciate a moist, but well-drained soil. Constantly soggy soil can and often will cause root rot or other harmful or deadly plant diseases. Therefore, I suggest a well-drained container with a drainage hole(s), and a quality potting soil or potting mix, or a 50/50 combination thereof, for planting.


The Kaleidoscope Abelia is more than just a pretty face! It is an extremely versatile and hardy plant. From small groupings, mass plantings to containers, this plant brings distinctive charm to any of your landscaping needs. Not only is it versatile in the area you plant it, but this plant is frost, drought, heat and deer resistant.


Care and Planting Plant your Kaleidoscope Abelia in full sun for the best color. It will grow in shade, but the colors just won't be as vibrant. Prune as needed to maintain its shape. Flowers form on new wood, so pruning will not hurt your flower yield. Feed your abelia early in the spring before new growth starts.