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Aaron's Rent-to-Own is a company that allows customers to lease or rent-to-own home furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accessories. The company features payment plans ranging from six to 24 months, monthly or semi-monthly payment options and automatic pre-approval for leasing items


The Aaron's Lease Plus program, as of April 2015, allows consumers to choose leasing terms of 12, 18 or 24 months, and they can pay monthly or twice a month. Once the item is paid off as agreed, or paid off early, the consumer owns the item.


Aaron's and Rent-A-Center are very comparable when it comes to contract terms and flexible payment plans. The prices are also fairly similar, although it is worth checking both stores for the best price.


At Aaron's, people can rent to own products such as furniture for the entire home, entertainment centers, home accessories, bedding and mattresses, electronic equipment and home appliances. The major brands of appliances include Amana, Frigidaire and Samsung. Similarly, some of the electronic produc


Reviews for the lease-to-own business Aaron's Inc. are available at websites including Yelp.com and ConsumerAffairs.com. Yelp allows patrons to describe their experiences with local businesses, and doesn't allow the businesses to remove or change the contents of the reviews.


As of 2015, it is possible to rent an Xbox One from the official Aaron's website. The gaming console is listed in the Other Electronics category, along with other types of electronics, such as speakers and a Sony Playstation 4.


Furniture, electronics and household appliances are some items that can be rented at Aaron's. Depending on which service Aaron's customers choose, they can either rent or rent-to-own a selection of items for the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and laundry room as well as an assortment of


Aaron's rents furniture for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, according to the company website. In addition, the company rents bedding, entertainment centers and accessories such as lamps and rugs. Aaron's offers 12-, 18- and 24-month rent-to-own programs that can be paid on a monthly or semi


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