A wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast is known as a southwest wind. According to USA Today, winds are named for the direction from which they are blowing, not the directions in which they are blowing. A nort... More »

A Chinook wind is a weather phenomenon that creates warm, dry air that blows down the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. The name Chinook means "snow eater," as the wind occurs most frequently in winter and can disr... More »

To build a pulley for a science project, first cut three circles out of heavy cardboard, glue them together, slide a bolt through the center and wind with string. To make a sturdier pulley, thin fiberboard or plywood wor... More »

Notable innovations in energy science include large wind turbines and a technology that harvests energy produced by wood and charcoal stoves. An additional innovation in energy science harvests the power of a pendulum to... More »

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Choking information posters provided by the Red Cross typically include instructions for how to assist a choking infant, child or adult through such processes as back blows and abdominal thrusts; the poster may also incl... More »

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Regardless of whether they are powered by electricity or gas, dryers must have a tub that tumbles, a fan that blows air and a heat source. All dryers generate heat, either from an electric heating element or from a gas b... More »

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Boxing has been deemed an unsafe sport for children of any age by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which cites the danger of repeated and deliberate blows to the head. A child's brain is still developing and thus is m... More »