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A motor unit is the basic functional element of the skeletal system, and is composed of the following; - alpha Motor neuron - the alpha neurons axon (motor nerve) - Neuromuscular junction - All of the muscle fibers that it innovates Understanding motor units allows for a greater understanding of the neural control of movement.


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* Since the synaptic cleft prevents an AP to move, the sarcolemma is bridged to the neuron via a neurotransmitter, i.e. Acetylcholine (Ach) * When an influx of Ca++ occurs, Ach is released by the by the motor neuron's axon, and diffused across the synaptic cleft binding with protein receptors located on the sarcolemma


The process by which motor unit force is increased by increasing motor unit firing frequency. Rate modulation To assess motor units in people, look at the proportion of particular ___ in a particular muscle.


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When a strong contraction is needed, the nervous system may cause MORE THAN ONE motor unit to be stimulated. The stimuluation of additional motor units for INCREASED STRENGTH of contraction is called RECRUITMENT.


motor unit recruitment 7. As the stimulus voltage increased, the resulting muscle tension _____. increased to a point until it reached a plateau 8. Which of the following occurs during the contraction phase? Cross-bridge cycling is taking place. 2.3 Skeletal Muscle Physiology 1. Treppe is the phenomenon that results in _____.


Motor unit summation is the build-up of the myoelectrical signals of the active motor unit during continuous, sustained muscle contraction. Sustained contraction causes the motor unit to fire continuously, creating myoelectrical signal fusion that produces larger forces than a single contraction.


As soon as a motor unit gets a signal from the brain, all of the muscle fibers in that unit contract at the same time with full force. You can't go halfway with motor units—it's all or nothing. The amount of force you generate at any given time depends on how many motor units your body is calling for.