Our list of good character traits that are key to living a happy life. You can use these positive character trait examples in every area of your life.

638 Primary Personality Traits ... Persuasive; Planful; Playful; Polished; Popular; Practical; Precise; Principled; Profound; Protean ... Neutral Traits (292 = 18%).

Everyone has character traits, good and bad, including our favorite fictional ... help in rounding out a character, check out this list of personality trait words.

Browse this list of positive character traits to determine what aspects of your personality you want to more fully develop.

Hereby we include a list of personality traits in the workplace. Adventurous: I take risks. ... Cheerful: I develop a positive work environment. Clever: I can juggle ...

Jul 21, 2014 ... Every character will have positive and negative traits. I have compiled these lists to help you select the character traits you need for your ...

Mar 26, 2018 ... Some positive personality traits are looked highly upon and respected in our society. The gathering of these traits helps in personality ...

Sep 30, 2010 ... A vocabulary list featuring CHARACTER TRAITS. Character ... "Possible words for describing a character" ... having or bringing good fortune.

Use this free Character Traits List to help build your students' character trait vocabulary. Includes synonyms, positive traits, and negative traits.

LIST OF CHARACTER TRAITS active adventurous affectionate ... good graceful grateful groovy happy helpful honest honorable hopeful humorous intelligent.