The history of electronics began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with technological improvements within the telegraph, radio and phone industries, although the term electronics did not begin to be used until th... More »

Although it is believed that Native Americans first inhabited the land that is now Florida over 12,000 years ago, textual records regarding life in Florida did not begin until 1513 when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leo... More » Geography United States The South

The University of California, Los Angeles began as a two-year state teachers' college, opened its current Westwood campus in 1929 with 5,500 students, and grew to become a major university that offers over 125 majors and... More »

Samuel F. B. Morse was an investor and innovator known for his improvements to the design and function of the early telegraph. Morse also enjoyed painting and became a well-known portrait artist. More » History Inventions

Alexander Graham Bell is credited for inventing the telephone in 1876, but an Italian immigrant named Antonio Meucci originally designed and developed the concept of a talking telegraph or telephone in 1849. After accide... More »

Joseph Henry invented the electric telegraph. In 1830 Henry demonstrated the potential of a William Sturgeon device for long-distance communication by sending an electrical current over 1 mile of wire to activate an elec... More » History Inventions

The telegram was invented by Samuel Morse and is used to refer to the message received using a telegraph. The code used on a telegraph machine to send a telegram is called Morse code, named after the inventor. More »