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Barbie hair and makeup toys are available from Wal-mart and Target, as of 2015. Barbie toy makeup and hair products are also sold through Amazon.com.


When evaluating the value of an old toy, the three most important things to consider are rarity, age and condition. If an antique toy is difficult to come by and still in good shape, it is likely to be worth something.


Some of the most well-known toy companies include: Hasbro, KB Toys, Lionel Corporation, Little Tikes, Tonka, Mattel, Lego and Fisher-Price. Many toy companies also own smaller subsidiaries that manufacture toys under different names.


The best cat toys is subjective and each cat will have their own favorite toys to play with; however, most cats enjoy catnip, small balls, empty paper bags, empty cardboard boxes, laser light toy, toys with bells and fishing pool toys. Creating toys at home is also a popular option, but it is import


No one is completely sure who invented the first toy. Historians believe the first toys were used in or around 4000 B.C.


Toy guns come in a variety of styles that include toy pistols, cap guns, machine guns, rifles and dart guns. Other varieties of toy guns include water guns, Western-style guns, and replicas of most real guns. Toy guns are available for purchase from companies such as Nerf, Quanzhou Creational Access


In 1953, Jack Odell created the first matchbox car in London, England. The first car was a steamroller made of brass and painted red and green. In an assembly-line style production line, Odell and his partners worked from a London pub called The Rifleman.


Turtles often use small balls and shells as toys, pushing them around with their noses and kicking them with their feet. Although finding toys specifically made and marketed for pet turtles may be difficult, a turtle can often entertain itself with items such as floating logs, statues and rocks sold


Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie)-WWE Battle Packs 38, Sasha Banks-WWE Series 59, Bayley-WWE Series 58, Finn Balor (Demon)-WWE Elite 41 and Sheamus-WWE Series 59 are some popular WWE toys as of 2016. The Sasha Banks-WWE Series 59 is an action figure that features her black ring gear with painted studs.


The oldest toy in the world is the stick, according to the National Toy Hall of Fame. Since ancient times, children used sticks for batting items, throwing, playing with an animal or in creative play. Although the stick is considered the oldest toy, there are others that date back thousands of years