On average, 4.5 babies are born per second across the world, based on information from August 2014. That is equal to 273 babies born per minute, according to the Population Reference Bureau. The large majority of those b... More »

Between 350,000 and 360,000 babies are born each day worldwide, though the numbers are prone to fluctuation over time. In December 2013, an estimated 4.3 births occurred every second. That means roughly 250 to 260 infant... More »

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An Australian woman gave birth to nine babies in 1971, but only six of the babies survived, according to CNN.com. This birth is documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. More »

Nurse practitioners are trained to deliver babies as well as other responsibilities, but generally they do not do so unless they are also a midwife. If a woman chooses to deliver in a hospital, the obstetrician or doctor... More »

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