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Computer skills are important because they are highly applicable to the digital world at the workplace and other areas of life. For instance, people need computer skills to browse the Web, and many employers prefer employees who can perform computer-aided tasks, such as sending a message via email,


To place a listing with Trade-A-Plane, visit Trade-A-Plane.com, and click on the Sell link. Click on the listing type, and click on the pricing level. Create a seller account, write the listing, and upload photos. Proofread the listing on the Review page, and publish it.


A list of stock symbols for major exchanges can be found on the EODData website. Symbols are available for such exchanges as the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange.


The work history section is a good place to list employment skills on a resume. The additional skills section is a second place job-related skills can be listed on a resume.


Hard skills are abilities that one can teach, and one's aptitude can be measured and defined; some examples include typing, reading and fluency with software programs. Many job descriptions include a specific set of hard skills that the hiring company requires from all applicants before granting an


Hard skills are quantifiable abilities that hiring managers often look for in a job applicant. They dictate whether or not the applicant can successfully perform the responsibilities of the job.


Research skills are important because they enable people to obtain information that can help with better decision-making in a career and daily life. Doing research can help people discover new options for solving problems and explore ways to make changes. Research skills also enable people to examin


An accountant needs to have strong analytical skills, a focus on details, good communication and an ability to stay organized. Accountants also need to hold a bachelor's degree, preferably in a related field.


Organizational skills include the abilities to analyze, pay attention to details, handle a budget, be a good listener and collaborate. Leadership skills in an organizational setting include the abilities to delegate tasks, set goals, meet deadlines and motivate others. Effective communication is ano


An Exchange Traded Funds list provides key details about the funds, including the name of the fund, its ticker name on the NASDAQ, the last trade price at closing, how much it returned or lost and its trade volume for the day, according to Yahoo. Other ETF lists may include slightly different inform