There are a variety of locations to find a user manual for ZTE phones, including directly from or from the cell phone service provider. Although the ZTE website has support manuals for all of its products, ... More »

According to, ZTE is the third most popular smartphone maker in the United States, and ZTE phones are known for reliability and affordability. The ZTE Zmax is a mid-range phone made for T-Mobile that it... More »

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Users typically perform a hard reset on their ZTE phones to remove personal information before selling the phone and to restore the phone to factory setting after certain software or files become corrupted. Performing a ... More » Technology Mobile

Consumers can find user manuals for Android phones by visiting the website of the manufacturer and accessing the support section. Alternatively, they can find the manuals in the cellphone or smartphone sections of websit... More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, ZTE provides free manuals for its cell phones on the company website. It offers manuals for several models of phones, available in both English and Spanish. More » Technology Mobile

User manuals for most ZTE model phones are available at under the “Support” tab. You need to know the model number for your phone in order to find the correct manual. You also need PDF-viewer software such as ... More » Technology Mobile