Stores that sell cases for ZTE smartphones with Android operating systems include, and Cell Cases USA. The most common models these shops offer cases for include the ZTE Max, ZTE Concord, ZTE Majes... More » Technology Mobile

There are a variety of locations to find a user manual for ZTE phones, including directly from or from the cell phone service provider. Although the ZTE website has support manuals for all of its products, ... More »

The ZTE website has a list of available phones that can be viewed by site visitors. The company mostly carries smartphones, but other styles are supported, such as flip phones. More » Technology Mobile

Hard cases and skin cases for Android smartphones are available in a number of different colors and styles. Android smartphone users can also purchase workout and holster cases, wallet and flip-lid cases, waterproof case... More » Technology Mobile

ZTE phones are made by the ZTE corporation, which is a Chinese company. The company has its headquarters in Shenzen, China, and deals with the production of mobile devices and network solutions. More »

According to, ZTE is the third most popular smartphone maker in the United States, and ZTE phones are known for reliability and affordability. The ZTE Zmax is a mid-range phone made for T-Mobile that it... More »

Cricket offers smartphones from brands such as Apple, Samsung and LG, and basic phones such as the ZTE Altair and LG True. Cricket also offers great deals and discounts on certain phones for limited periods of time. More » Technology Mobile