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Read our tips of caring for your Zoysia Grass. Zoysia grass offers better shade tolerance than other warm season grasses.


Check out our top 12 list of lawn care tips that will get you the yard of your dreams. ... For warm-season grasses (including zoysia and Bermuda), ...


Jan 5, 2021 ... Common Bermuda. Hybrid Bermuda. Zoysia & St. Augustine. Centipede & Carpet. Table 1. Maintenance recommendations. Min - Max. Min - Max.


MAINTENANCE PROGRAM. An established Zoysia lawn should be fertilized with 0.4 to 0.8. lbs of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per growing month.


Zoysia grass is a popular type of warm season grass and can be started from seed in areas with a longer growing season. However, the areas you plan to seed ...


It is a warm-season turf which is very aggressive and spreads rapidly. Bermuda is the most commonly grown grass in Oklahoma. Zoysia: Zoysia requires at ...


Zeon zoysia spreads much more quickly than similar zoysiagrasses, such as Emerald, and will fill a lawn quickly. Maintenance. Zeon is drought tolerant but ...


Zoysiagrass does best with less rather than more fertilizer. It tends to form a layer of thatch under the green grass if too much fertilizer and water are used.


Augustine and Empire Zoysia grass both need 2 or 3 waterings per week during the summer and 1 or 2 waterings the rest of the year in Florida. When to fertilize ...


Jul 16, 2021 ... Plant from late spring to early summer for best results. Zoysia is slower to establish itself than other grasses, and, once matured, its blades ...


Aug 10, 2021 ... See our beginner's guide to lawn care, focusing on the basics of lawn maintenance: fertilizing, weed control, seeding, watering, and mowing.