Images of zoo animals can be found on the National Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Saint Louis Zoo websites. All three sites have ample images of animals held within their respective zoos. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Zoo animals often receive names from zookeepers and staff members who care for the animals. Zookeepers at the Whipsnade Zoo in London named the red panda cubs born there in 2015 Bert and Ernie, while staff members chose ... More » Science Biology Zoology

Zoos are good for animals, especially endangered animals, because they facilitate and encourage breeding to help get the populations of these animals back up to acceptable levels. Many zoos breed endangered animals and r... More » Science Biology Zoology
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Some websites that offer free HD images include, and All three websites offer images that users can use for commercial and personal projects. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

There are various websites that offer libraries of medical images, including the ScienceSource, Custom Medical Stock Photo and websites. The images on the website are public domain and free to use, while ... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Some sources of coupons for the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are the San Diego Tourism Authority, GO Card San Diego and the official websites of the individual organizations. The types of coupons available... More » Geography

Some ways to create a photo booth backdrop are to build a wall of pinwheels, use chicken wire and napkins to make images, or hang colorful yarn. Other unique ideas include hanging marshmallows at various heights, using w... More » Hobbies & Games Photography