Zinc oxide cream is a medication that is used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids, skin burns, diaper rash and to protect skin that is irritated because of prolonged moisture exposure. This medication is readily available o... More »

Benefits of zinc dioxide include soothing of minor skin irritations, including diaper rash, and blocking harmful ultraviolet light from the sun, according to WebMD. Topical forms of zinc dioxide include creams, lotions a... More »

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For sunscreens, a high percentage of zinc oxide is between 10 and 20 percent. BurnOut Eco-Sensitive SPF 35 Sunscreen contains 18.9 percent zinc oxide while Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45 contains 7 perc... More »

Witch hazel has many uses, including clearing up spots and blemishes, soothing diaper rash, shrinking bags that form under the eyes, treating external hemorrhoids, relieving varicose veins and treating poison ivy, poison... More »

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Rosewater and glycerin are used topically to prevent and treat dry, scaly, rough or itchy skin as well as minor skin irritations such as radiation therapy skin burns or diaper rash. It is an emollient that is used to moi... More »

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Diaper rash is usually cured by a combination of frequent diaper changes, gentle cleansing, exposure to the air and the application of a zinc oxide diaper ointment at each diaper change, according to the American Academy... More »

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Lidocaine hydrochloride topical solution, or lidocaine HCI, is a medication applied to the skin used to treat itching and minor discomfort brought on by eczema, insect bites, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and minor burns, a... More »

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