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The oxidation number for zinc is +2. When zinc becomes oxidized, it is called zinc oxide. When zinc oxidizes, the zinc atoms join with an oxygen atom creating the chemical formula ZnO and the oxidation causes zinc to crystallize into either a hexagonal or cubical shape.


Zinc oxide cream is a medication that is used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids, skin burns, diaper rash and to protect skin that is irritated because of prolonged moisture exposure. This medication is readily available over the counter in many different forms, such as g...


Zinc oxide ointment is commonly used as a topical treatment for skin conditions such as diaper rash, minor burns, chapped skin and other skin irritations, according to Drugs.com. It creates a protective barrier on the skin, keeping moisture and debris from irritating th...


Badger Sunscreens, Raw Elements Eco Formula SPF 30+ and Poofy Naturals "The" Sunscreen are excellent zinc oxide sunscreens, according to SafeMama.com. Other high quality sunscreens in this category include Purple Prairie Botanicals Sun Stuff, Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc ...


Benefits of zinc dioxide include soothing of minor skin irritations, including diaper rash, and blocking harmful ultraviolet light from the sun, according to WebMD. Topical forms of zinc dioxide include creams, lotions and powders. The mineral provides its benefits by f...


For sunscreens, a high percentage of zinc oxide is between 10 and 20 percent. BurnOut Eco-Sensitive SPF 35 Sunscreen contains 18.9 percent zinc oxide while Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45 contains 7 percent zinc oxide.


Zinc has a bluish color when in its natural state. As an alloy, zinc may be colorless or a number of other colors including red and green.


According to the National Institutes of Health, zinc is good for immune system support, wound healing, protein and DNA synthesis, and cell division. This essential mineral is required for a proper sense of taste and smell, and it supports normal growth and development d...


Zinc is an element with the atomic number of 30. An element is a pure chemical substance that consists of only one species of atom and nothing else. Since zinc is a pure element, it is made up of only zinc atoms and no other compounds.


Zinc supplements are used to treat zinc deficiency that sometimes occurs in people with severe diarrhea, cirrhosis of the liver, or absorption disorders, according to WebMD. Zinc supplements are also sometimes needed following long-term tube feeding and after major surg...