The Zia symbol consists of a red circle with various rays pointing in four directions. Four is a sacred number of the Zia culture. It is associated with the four compass directions, seasons of weather, stages of life, pe... More »

The New Mexico state flag features a dark yellow background with a red Zia sun in the middle. A symbol of the Zia Pueblo Indians, the sun features a circle in the middle with four sets of four rays coming out of the circ... More » Geography United States The West

A Zen circle is the symbol for enlightenment or circle of enlightenment, according to Japanese Zen Buddhism. It is referred to as enso, which means circle. Other meanings that are known to be applied to the Zen circle ar... More » World View Symbolism

A white dove, an olive branch, a rainbow colored flag, the "V' hand shape and the nuclear disarmament symbol (a circle containing one long and two shorter lines inside) are all recognized as peace signs. The circular pea... More »

According to the New Health Guide, the koi fish is a symbol for good luck and fortune. As a tattoo, the koi fish may represent personal growth. More » World View Symbolism

A perfect circle is symbolic of something that is whole, complete, ideal and eternal; a circle has no ending and no beginning, making it synonymous with cyclical ideas and processes. For example, a circular wedding ring ... More »

Throughout history in Japan, the cherry blossom has symbolized the circle of life. In Japanese, the cherry blossom is called sakura. More »