Holley carburetor rebuild kits are sold online at the Holley Performance Products website and at vendors including Jegs and The Carburetor Refactory, as of March 2015. Holley carburetor parts and rebuild kits are availab... More »

As of April 2015, the Mikuni carburetor rebuild kit is offered between $30 and$60, which is generally considered inexpensive. The price of the kit depends on where it is purchased as well as what type of kit it is. More »

As of August 2015, Autozone sells carburetor rebuild kits. The brands available are GP Sorensen, Holley and Mr. Gasket. Customers can order the carburetor rebuild kits online or pick them up at an Autozone store. More »

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In order to find out information about a Holley carburetor, including sizes and types of carburetors, enter the part or list number of the carburetor into the instruction sheets on the Holley support website. Information... More »

The part number for a 2- or 4-barrel Holley carburetor is typically embossed in the right-hand curve of the choke tower, according to the Holley website. The website offers information for several carburetor models, such... More »

Holley carburetors can be identified by matching the list number imprinted on the carburetor with the list numbers in the company's catalog of performance products. On square flange carburetors, the list number is locate... More »

Determine the model number of a Holley carburetor by locating its list number. This number is stamped on the carburetor and is preceeded by a letter. More »