Zebras are considered black with white stripes, because their pattern is determined by pigment inhibitors that stop the black pigment that is natural to their skin from producing black fur in some areas. Also, zebras hav... More »

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All three species of zebras are herbivorous and mostly eat grasses. Zebras also feed on shrubs, leaves, bark and herbs. More »

Zebras are members of the horse family, Equidae, and of the genus Equus. Their nearest living relatives are horses and donkeys. More distant relatives in the order Perissodactyla include tapirs and rhinos. More »

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Individual zebras each have different numbers of stripes because they are all unique. Although the three species of zebras share general patterns, no two animals are exactly alike. More »

One interesting fact about zebras is that different species have different size stripes that range from narrow to wide. Zebras that live farther south on the African planes have stripes that are further apart those of ze... More »

Methods of restoring skin pigment to white spots on the skin include cosmetics, corticosteroid creams, depigmentation of unaffected skin areas, re-pigmentation using UV light therapy, and skin grafting, reports WedMD. Sk... More »

A pack of zebras is called a "harem." Plains and mountain zebras often form harems consisting of one stallion and up to six mares with their young that stick together for years. Grevy's zebras may form herds of up to 30 ... More »