The usefulness of the how-to videos on YouTube varies depending on the subject. There are many useful videos for simple things such as recipes or replacing batteries. However, more in-depth tutorials for things like comp... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Using media content that is protected by a copyright and hosting it on a personal website is considered copyright infringement and may be subject to fines. Embedding media content, such as YouTube videos that are protect... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A YouTube account is only necessary to watch adult-rated content on YouTube; all other videos can be viewed without an account. However, users who register for YouTube accounts have access to many features that non-regis... More » Art & Literature
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YouTube has thousands of videos dealing with the subject of computer repair. The videos' intended audiences range from professional technicians and educators to hobbyists. Many of the videos are associated with computer ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

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Nigerian producers may upload videos on YouTube. As of 2015, anyone may post videos as long as he possesses a YouTube or Google account. YouTube requires users to observe certain community guidelines when uploading video... More » Technology Internet & Networking