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Your Name In Japanese. In Japanese, foreign names are normally written using the phonetic katakana alphabet. To see what your name looks like in Japanese, just type it in below and click the “Translate” button. If you like, you can also choose from a few different character styles.


Hey, doofus, you messed up my name! I'm Daenerys Targaryen, and you got the last vowel wrong! Congratulations, you took high-school Japanese. This web site was not designed for you. The machine learning method sometimes makes mistakes. In my own tests, it had an accuracy of about 95% on a per-character basic, but your mileage may vary.


Just select male or female from the list, input your name and submit! NOTE: - Some of these had to be very roughly translated in order to make any sense in english, so please don't use this as a tool to learn japanese words. - Your result will be FAMILY NAME first, GIVEN NAME last (as is traditional in Japan! ;D).


Your Name. (Japanese: 君の名は ... Your Name is a Japanese novel written by Makoto Shinkai. It is a novelization of the animated film of the same name, which was directed by Shinkai. It was published in Japan by Kadokawa on June 18, 2016, a month prior to the film premiere.


Before you write your name in Katakana you need to “convert” the pronunciation of it to match the Japanese language. To demonstrate this, I’m going to translate two names. One that will be easy to do and another not so much. The first name I’m going to translate is Monica.


Your name in Japanese. Your name in Japanese. After taking a Japanese course for a while, you will wonder what is your name in Japanese? Sometimes you need to do paperwork related to Japan or Japanese such as: documents to go study abroad, job application to apply at a Japanese company, or to work in Japan… ? in such caese, you will need to learn to write your name in Japanese.


In the highly likely event that your surname is not on this list, you might want to see if there’s a famous landmark or person with your name. The WWWJDIC has a name dictionary you can search for other people with your name. *Make sure you select the Japanese Names (ENAMEDICT) dictionary.


Translate your name with our Japanese Name Translator (above). Alternatively select kanji from our popular kanji list or four kanji idiom list.Then create an image to design your own Japanese T-shirt or other customizable product.


Your Name in Japanese - The Right and Wrong Way to Do It There are two ways to write your name in Japanese. And one of them is wrong. And one of them is wrong. May 2, 2012 • words written by Hashi • Art by Aya Francisco


Trailer For Netflix's Anime Film Flavors Of Youth From The Studio Behind Your Name 25 June 2018 | GeekTyrant ‘Flavors of Youth’ Trailer: A Stunning Anime Film From the Studio Behind ‘Your Name’ Comes to Netflix ... This is the first anime film not made by Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki to gross ten billion Yen at the Japanese box ...