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face JOKES (random) A woman just back from Arizona was telling her friends about the trip. "When my husband first saw the Grand Canyon, his face dropped a mile," she said.


Comedy Central Jokes - Is That Your Face? - Is that your face or did your neck throw up?


Get Ugly Jokes Here Including Dirty Ugly Jokes, Sick Ugly Jokes, Funny Ugly Jokes, Gross Ugly Jokes. ... You're so ugly, you can sink your face in dough and make monster cookies. You're so ugly, they call you Taco Bell, when people see you they run for the border. You're so ugly, you make onions cry. ...


A big list of your face jokes! 63 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Your Face Jokes. ... Well there's a big hole in your face and dumb things keep coming out of it," pointing to her mouth. Without a pause,... read more. Related Categories.


Fred: No, it’s roamin all over your face. Face Joke 6 Two boys were watching TV when the fabulous face and figure of Pamela Anderson appeared on the screen. “if I ever stop hating girls,” said one to the other, “I think I ll stop hating her first.” Face Joke 7 I never forget a face, but in your case I ll make an exception. Face Joke 8


johnny was watching TV when you hear them say bitch and bastards so he ask hes dad “what is a bitch and bastard.” dad say “a bitch is a female and a bastard is a mail.” then johnny goes back to the TV and hears them say ass and shit so he ask hes dad what shit and ass means dad says “a shit is shaving creme like what i’m putting on my face and ass is a coat why don’t you bug your ...


[13950] Your face looks like you've been using it as a doorstop. Your face would not only stop a door, but also most clocks and a herd of charging buffalo. If your face had Welcome written on it, it would make a perfect doormat. If you put your face by a door, no one would eve


Best Answer: I've got one.but doubt you would like it. here goes: You should wear a shirt that states *** and face so people know which end to acknowledge Wanna see something disturbing look in the mirror is that your face or did you accidently place your pants on the wrong end.


Mix - YO MAMA SO UGLY JOKES - VOLUME 1 YouTube; If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (IMPOSSIBLE) - Duration: 10:24. Tomo 7,526 views. New; 10:24.


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