While no hard-and-fast rules exist specifically governing young adults who live in their parents' home, family experts suggest several guidelines to make the situation run more smoothly for all concerned. The real trick ... More »

Adults that live with their parents typically result in a comfortable situation for all involved, but expectations must be in place to ensure that they don't stay for too long, recommends Market Watch. It is reasonable f... More »

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Adriana Trigiani has written 15 books, including two books for young adults. She collaborated with her three sisters and mother on the cookbook "Cooking With My Sisters: One Hundred Years of Family Recipes, from Bari to ... More »

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Luxury retirement communities differ from nursing homes in that they offer the round-the-clock, in-house care found in a nursing home, but they also allow a resident to live independently in an apartment or with partial ... More »

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Common homeowners’ association rules include paying fees on time, keeping noise levels down, paying special attention to common areas and being up-to-date with home maintenance. The specific rules depend on the particula... More »

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A sample statistics test question requires, based on a provided probability distribution of one, two or three adults living per home in a randomly selected neighborhood, determining the probability that four or more adul... More »

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A 2011 study of differences in electrolyte and fluid balance in Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease between young adults and the elderly found that the most notable difference is the decreased ability of the elderly to re... More »