A young herring, or brit, is a juvenile herring fish. Herrings are classified as brits from the time they're 6 months old until they reach maturity at 3 years of age. Brits are numerous in inshore waters along the coast ... More »

Young Life is a Christian ministry aimed at introducing young people to the message of Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. The ministry began in Texas in 1939 by Jim Rayburn, a young minister, as a club fo... More »

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A former television and film actor, Baroness Lola Young serves as a member of the British House of Lords as of 2016. Young is the author of a book that explores race, sexuality and gender in film and has served on numero... More »

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A good diet for candida sufferers should be balanced and varied, and include foods such as non-starchy vegetables (tomatoes, onions and olives, for example), as well as probiotic yogurt and certain fish (herring and anch... More »

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Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are fatty, coldwater fish such as salmon, tuna, black cod, tilefish, halibut, swordfish, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, trout and herring. Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated... More »

Most of the more than 400 species of shark eat fish, including herring, anchovy, stingray, tuna, flounder and other sharks. With sharp eyesight, a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing, sharks are adept at finding pr... More »

According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the diet of the striped bass consists mostly of fish, namely the threadfin shad, gizzard shad and blueback herring. Striped bass are medium-sized fish that... More »

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