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A "Your Mama" joke is an insult directed at another person's mother. Although these kind of insults tend to be demeaning, they are generally considered to be tongue-in-cheek and meant to be viewed as light-hearted in nature.


"Yo mama" jokes evolved out of a social game commonly called the Dozens, in which participants come up with creative insults to demean each other jokingly in front of a crowd. The tradition grew out of verbal games played by slaves in pre-Civil War America to relieve stress and frustration.


"Your mama" jokes became popular in 2006, when searches for this term spiked on the Internet. Its popularity decreased after 2007 and has remained steady ever since. "Your mama" jokes may also be known as "yo mama", "yo momma", or "your mum" jokes, depending on the region.


"Yo mama" jokes are considered funny in some parts of the world outside the United States, including Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. Most cultures find the jokes funny when both parties realize the insult is meant as a joke.


Some “Yo mama so fat...” jokes include, “Yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip flops,” and “Yo mama is so fat that her bellybutton gets home 15 minutes before she does.” These jokes are available on joke websites such as Jokes4us.com and YoMamaJokesGa


One good joke to make fun of someone's mother is, "your mama is so ugly that when she ran away from home, her parents called the dog catcher." Another joke to make fun of someone's mother is, "your mama's breath is so bad, it's like her tongue farted."


Humor is subjective, so whether "Yo' momma" jokes qualify as funny will depend on individual preferences. Potentially funny examples include: “Yo' momma so dumb, she thought 'Wu Tang' was an African orange drink” and “Yo' momma so fat, when she turns around, people give her a welcome back party!”


An example of a "Yo Mamma" joke is, "Yo Mamma so fat she left the house in high heels and came back in flip flops." Another "Yo Mamma" joke is, "Yo Mamma so stupid, when she hears it's chilly outside she gets a bowl."


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The best jokes for kids are clean and fun, Readers Digest says. One example of a joke for children is "What do you call an old snowman? Water."