Most YMCAs include the use of their gyms under general membership fees. Depending on the YMCA, its gym facilities may include strength-training equipment, cardio machines and scales. Other YMCA amenities typically includ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

YMCA membership fees vary throughout the United States and in most cases a one-off joining fee is also payable. Discounts and payment options also vary in different parts of the country. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The YMCA of Saginaw, Michigan charges anywhere from $15 to $55 a month for an individual membership as of 2015. A one-time start up fee is often required. Each YMCA location sets its own membership fees. More » Health Fitness & Exercise
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The Norfolk, Nebraska, YMCA charges $30.75 per month for adult membership as of February 2015; rates for YMCA gym memberships vary by location. Children between the ages of 1 and 11 can get a membership for $14.25 per mo... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

YMCA membership fees may include on-site childcare, personal training, year-round swimming, several free guest passes and reduced rates on additional programs. Free orientations are available to learn how to use the equi... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Typical membership fees for Anytime Fitness vary, as each gym is independently run. However, annual memberships usually cost between $450 and $500, with an activation fee of $50 and monthly fees from $30 to $50. Potentia... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Fitness 19 gym membership fees vary according to location and are generally negotiable. Locations typically charge three types of fees, including lock-in fees, annual fees and monthly fees. Lock-in fees protect members f... More » Health Fitness & Exercise