When wording service recognition awards, include the recipient?s name, the name of the organization presenting the award, the name of the award, the reason for the recognition and the date. Embellish the wording, as appr... More »

Some award ideas to recognize an employees long service include gift cards or vouchers, electrical goods and extra vacation time or sabbaticals. Other ideas that are less common than they used to be are employer's memora... More »

Employee awards for exemplary service may be in the form of an all-expenses-paid trip, a commemorative gift, the gift of time or a gift that highlights a hobby. Employer's also have the option of allowing the employee to... More »

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When wording service recognition awards, individuals should include the name of the award recipient, the company presenting the award, the name of the award and the reason for the recognition. The wording should be embel... More » and Staples sell blank recognition certificates that include lines to enter the reason for the award and the recipient's name. As of 2015, both retailers offer blank premium stationery certificate papers with ... More »

Items typically included in a business or corporate profile are: mission statement, leader’s message, summary of what the company does, company history, successes and milestones, awards and certifications, key personnel ... More »

Write a recognition award letter by using professional language to identify the employee and offer sincere appreciation for her efforts or actions on behalf of the company, highlighting specific details about the reason ... More »