The U.S stock market averages a return rate of 11.69 percent based on Standard and Poor's 500, or S&P, a leading market index. The return rate is based on yearly averages that date back to 1926, according to leading fina... More » Business & Finance Investing

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The average Seadrill Limited yearly stock dividend was 0.60 in June of 2010, 0.75 in June of 2011, 0.97 in May of 2012, 0.88 in June of 2013, and 1 in June of 2014, according to Nasdaq. A dividend is the shareholders pro... More » Business & Finance Investing

The S&P 500 stock list is available for viewing on the official Standard & Poor's website under the equities index, notes Investopedia. It is also accessible from other finance sites, such as CNN and Bloomberg. More » Business & Finance Investing

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