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As of today, Sept. 11, 2014, Yahoo is up and running with no problems. It has been more than a week since Yahoo has experienced any major issues.


To open a new Yahoo account, visit the "Yahoo! Registration" page, fill out the required information, then click "Create My Account." This account allows users access to all of the free Web-based services Yahoo! offers.


In order to open a new Yahoo account, access the Yahoo registration page, enter your details in the spaces provided and click on "Create My Account". Yahoo account registration requires a valid phone number.


Yahoo! Answers is a question-and-answer website driven by Yahoo! users. Users can post questions and answers on everything from homework assignments to caring for pets.


To create a new Yahoo ID, you must fill out a Yahoo registration form. First and last name, phone number, gender and date of birth are required when registering, as is a unique username and a password.


In the tech world, the word Yahoo, followed by an exclamation point, stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle." The term was used by David FIlo and Jerry Yang in 1994 to name their Internet search engine. Both were electrical engineering PhD candidates at S...


Visit the Yahoo! login page and select the Create New Account button to set up a new Yahoo! email account. A new page appears in which you must provide information that Yahoo! requires to assign you a new email address.