As of 2015, the service number for Xbox 360 is 800-469-9269. On the Xbox 360 customer service website, Microsoft encourages customers to live chat with a service representative, post in the community forums or Tweet the ... More »

Customer support for XBox 360 Live is available by calling 1-800-469-9269, as of 2015. The support center is open from 9am till 1am EST, 7 days a week. This phone number allows customers to reach a trained support techni... More »

As of 2015, the toll-free phone number for Xbox live customer support is 800-469-9269. An Xbox customer can also find support via online chat or community support forums and through Twitter. More »

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There are several ways to obtain trial codes for Xbox Live's Gold subscription, and the easiest way to get a free trial for the service is to make a new gamertag, Xbox's online handle. That grants the user a free 30-day ... More »

As of May 31, 2014, the multiplayer matchmaking service known as GameSpy has shut down, affecting a multitude of EA titles, including "Battlefield: Bad Company 2." Due to the gated online nature of the Xbox 360, and the ... More »

Update your Xbox 360 by connecting it to the Internet, testing your Xbox Live connection and confirming available updates. This setup ensures that you always have the latest updates for the console. More »

The original hardware that became known as Xbox technology that led to the Xbox 360 was created by a four man team, while the software was developed by Boyd Multerer. The Xbox is developed exclusively by Microsoft. More »