You can join Xbox Live for free over the Internet with your computer, Xbox or Windows phone. You will require a stable Internet connection, a personal email address and a valid phone number to complete your registration. More »

If the caller is in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, the contact number for Xbox Live support is 800-4MY-XBOX (800-469-9269). For an international direct dial call to the United States, the number is 1-425-635-7... More »

As of 2015, the only legal way to obtain unused Xbox Live activation codes is to purchase them through a retailer, such as Best Buy, Gamestop and, or from the official Xbox website. Many sites claiming to offe... More »

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All Xbox accounts can access Xbox Live for free with the Silver account. The Silver level is the basic account that is the automatic tier for any gamertag created on the Xbox. This account is available on both the Xbox 3... More »

If an Xbox 360 cannot connect to the internet, there is likely a problem with the network, the console, the user's internet provider or Xbox Live. If the console displays an error code, users can enter it at Support.Xbox... More »

Update your Xbox 360 by connecting it to the Internet, testing your Xbox Live connection and confirming available updates. This setup ensures that you always have the latest updates for the console. More »

Xbox Live is an online service where users of the Xbox 360 can play games with individuals in other locations. As of 2014, Xbox Live also allows users to stream movies, music and other programming from third-party provid... More »