Writing a Catholic confirmation letter involves affirming the person being confirmed, sharing your own faith and personalizing the letter. Anyone can write a letter to affirm or celebrate with a young person going throug... More »

Letters Free and Sampleletters.net offer free sample religious confirmation letters, which are used most frequently in the Catholic Church. Letters Free samples announce the confirmation of a family member including date... More »

Some resources that offer online examples of retreat letters include CatholicMom.com, the Good Men Project and My Domestic Church. Children, youth and adults who attend Catholic retreats hope to receive letters from pare... More »

The main inclusion in the Catholic confirmation letter is the request for the confirmation ceremony. The letter should ask for ritual arrangements and clarify that the candidate's desire to confirm is his decision alone. More »

The seven Catholic sacraments include baptism, Eucharist, also known as Communion, reconciliation, confirmation and marriage. The remaining Catholic sacraments are holy orders and anointing of the sick. Catholic sacramen... More »

The Catholic Mass is an act of worship to God in which the members of a Catholic community come together to pray, profess their faith, listen to the scriptures and participate in the Eucharist. Catholics believe that the... More »

Catholic Answers is a lay-run Catholic organization based in San Diego, California, that focuses on explaining and defending the Catholic faith to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Among its services is the Catholi... More »

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