The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends clearing all outstanding transactions and checking bank fee policies before calling or visiting a bank branch to close a bank account. Some banks, such as Wells Fargo, ... More »

To close a bank account, send a written request to close the account, along with contact information, personal information, account number and any other required documentation, according to Banks send the rema... More »

Financial Web notes that to close a joint bank account, one or both of the account holders must go to the bank in person and request to close the account. The bank may require the account holder to show photo identificat... More »

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Features of an online bank statement include a list of all transactions on the account over a set period of time (typically on a monthly cycle), details about specific transactions and access at any time of the day. Many... More »

A dormant bank account is an account at a financial banking institution that has had no activity by the owner of the account for an extended period of time. If the account holds no funds, it can usually be closed by the ... More »

To send money from your bank account to your PayPal account, login to PayPal, link and confirm your bank account information, and choose "Add Money" on your PayPal home screen. Money is sent via Automated Clearing House ... More »

Sign into your PayPal account and access the Wallet feature at the top of the page to link or remove a bank account. The process requires an active PayPal account and a checking or savings account with an active account ... More »