If a workers' compensation applicant does not agree with the settlement amount, the applicant can proceed to a hearing or trial with the insurance company in order to win a higher lump-sum or weekly payment, states Nolo.... More » Government & Politics Law

Workers' compensation settlements are calculated based on whether the work-related injury caused permanent partial disability, permanent total disability or temporary partial or total disability, explains Nolo. Partial d... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Workers' compensation settlement amounts for back injuries factor the costs of treatment and the loss of income that may occur due to the injuries, reports Noneconomic damages to a worker also facto... More » Government & Politics Law
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A preliminary hearing determines whether there is enough evidence to force an individual to stand trial, but it does not determine guilt or innocence. According to Nolo, a preliminary hearing allows both the prosecution ... More » Government & Politics Law

A motion to suppress is a request made in a criminal trial by the defendant, asking the judge to exclude evidence because it was gathered illegally or in violation of the defendant's constitutional rights, states Nolo. T... More » Government & Politics Law

If employees in California suffer from an injury or illness as a result of their employment, their employers are legally obligated to pay for the employees' workers' compensation benefits, notes Applicable injuri... More » Government & Politics Law

While California does not have a stress-leave law, under the California labor law, an employee can be compensated under workers' compensation when a psychiatric or stress-related injury is diagnosed by a medical professi... More » Government & Politics Law