If a workers' compensation applicant does not agree with the settlement amount, the applicant can proceed to a hearing or trial with the insurance company in order to win a higher lump-sum or weekly payment, states Nolo.... More »

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Workers' compensation settlements are calculated based on whether the work-related injury caused permanent partial disability, permanent total disability or temporary partial or total disability, explains Nolo. Partial d... More »

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Workers' compensation settlement amounts for back injuries factor the costs of treatment and the loss of income that may occur due to the injuries, reports InjuryClaimCoach.com. Noneconomic damages to a worker also facto... More »

A motion to suppress is a request made in a criminal trial by the defendant, asking the judge to exclude evidence because it was gathered illegally or in violation of the defendant's constitutional rights, states Nolo. T... More »

Common workers' compensation settlements are lump-sum and structured settlements, notes the DisabilitySecrets website. In a lump-sum settlement, certain rights are signed away in exchange for a one-time, lump-sum settlem... More »

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In Florida, construction industry employers with at least one full or part-time employee must maintain workers' compensation coverage, and before subcontractors perform work, they must provide construction contractors wi... More »

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If employees in California suffer from an injury or illness as a result of their employment, their employers are legally obligated to pay for the employees' workers' compensation benefits, notes CA.gov. Applicable injuri... More »